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Mathematical Technology for Industry and Education

Euclid's Proof of the Pythagorean Thorem, displayed in Clock Form

We create software for engineers and educators. We also provide software engineering consultation with expertise in:

geometry expressions

Geometry Expressions

Geometry Expressions is the world's first interactive symbolic geometry system. Create geometric figures using symbolic constraints and produce measurements not only numerically but also symbolically.

For engineers: create conceptual designs and generate explicit mathematics; export to CAS. For educators: integrate mathematical modeling into your curriculum.


Math Illustrations

Math Illustrations is a tool for mathematics teachers to create diagrams for inclusion in tests, worksheets, homework or presentations.

Makes it easy to create accurate, annotated geometry.

mechanical expressions

Mechanical Expressions

Mechanical Expressions is a symbolic mechanics system. Create a model, specify the geometry using symbolic constraints, add velocities, masses and force elements, and then extract mathematical expressions for output velocities, accelerations and forces.



Our mechanical engineering products center around Analytix, a conceptual design and analysis tool. Analytix is useful in the first stages of design and analysis of a mechanical product.

Analytix includes kinematic, static, dynamic, inverse dynamic and tolerance analysis.


Apps and eBooks

From an interactive Euclid's Elements for the 21st Century, as an eBook for your iPad, to a collection of whimsical mathematical clocks, we have a range of eBooks and Apps for your enlightenment and entertainment.

blue trammel

3D Mechanisms

Order model mechanisms from our Shapeways store. These models are printed in one piece, no assembly required, and illustrate interesting motions.

inverted crank slider

Print a Motion

Create a four bar linkage model with your own parameters. This is a quick way to get a prototype of your motion, if not of your design. And a nice desktop model. These models are printed in one piece, no assembly required, and illustrate interesting motions.

euclid's muse

Euclid's Muse

Euclid's Muse is our website with hundreds of free interactive mathematical apps.  The apps run in your browser on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

Geometry Expressions users can post their own apps to Euclid's Muse.


Geometry Applet Gallery

Saltire's HTML5 Geometry Gallery is a collection of dynamic HTML5 / JavaScript applets created with Geometry Expressions' Export Feature (version 3+). In some apps, points can be dragged; in others, variables, parameters and functions can be changed. Some of the applets feature animation.