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Geometry Java Applet Gallery

Saltire's Geometry Gallery is a collection of Java applets showing interesting geometry configurations.  All applets are dynamic in that user input can cause the configuration to change.  In some cases, points can be dragged.  In other cases dimensions can be changed via edit controls.  Some of the applets feature animation.

Applets in this gallery exhibit basic geometrical properties of angles in parallel lines and circular configurations.  We also look at pythagorean triples and incircles.
Four triangle calculators are presented, which allow for the triangle to be specified either by three sides, two sides and the included angle, two sides and the non-included angle or two angles and one side.  In all cases the remaining sides and angles are computed.
A number of advanced geometrical configurations are presented.  These cover theorems about common tangents to circles, Napoleon's theorem on the incenters of equilateral triangles and a number of textbook problems as well as an illustration of Casteljeau's spline construction algorithm.
Four bar, six bar, and Peaucellier's straight line mechanism are illustrated.
An atlas of algebraic formulas for geometry models, ranging from the radius of the circumcircle to the length of the equilateral triangle in Napoleon's Theorem
Our Cam design apps let you enter the follower function and create a cam profile.  Reciprocating and oscillating flat face and roller followers.